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National Headquarters
412 West King Street
York, PA 17404


Our Mission Statement

"York's Helping Hand for the Homeless has a deep desire to serve and respond to the needs of the Homeless, poor and needy in our community."


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Facts about Homelessness

Who are the Homeless? An individual or family who does not have a home or a space to call their own. Education levels range from school dropouts to people with advanced degrees.

How many homeless are there in York County? Upward of 500 people a day may be homeless in York County. York’s Helping Hand works with families, adult males, adult females and teenagers between 14 and 20 years old.

What is the definition of “Homeless?” A person or family without a permanent restful, dwelling.

Categories of Homelessness 

Chronically Homeless: Individuals and families who live in cars, under bridges, abandoned buildings, in the woods, or other non-traditional shelter, more then 90 days over a 12 month period. They are usually not eligible to take advantage of resources available to needy individuals or families in the York Community. In reality, a few days of living like this should be defined as chronically homeless.

 Hidden Homeless: Individuals or families who live in relatives or friends households. They become a burden to the host family or individual and begin to move from household to household in a state of confusion.

Domestic abuse, mental illness or substance abuse related homelessness: York’s Helping Hand networks with drug and alcohol agencies, mental health programs and services for the disabled and abused as supportive services for clients

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